GoCache: LRU Cache Implementation in Go

I got to know about Golang a year back and did write some toy programs in it while learning but then I gave up as I was not really enjoying despite liking Go language. It is very much like Python but with better performance because it’s compiled.

Recently I against wished to do something in Go. This time I did not want to go back to practice topic by topic. I rather thought to do some project and will learn whatever the stuff I need to get the thing done.

I have used Memcached in the past in PHP and really liked it so I thought to come up with a cache mechanism in Go. Upon learning I found out that Memcached has used the LRU cache technique. I had a couple of challenges:

  • Learning Go to do my stuff. Especially about structs, pointers, and maps.
  • Understanding LRU implementation.

It was not easy, but I pushed anyway to progress. I found a few implementations in Python and Java. I did not want to see any Go implementation as it could kill the entire purpose. After a month or so I was able to come up with an implementation consist of a couple of files.

— Set: Add the item both in queue and HashMap. If they capacity is full, it removes the least recently used

and gocached.go

package main

lru.go consist of the main implementation while gocached.go calls the stuff from lru.go along with initialization of a socket server.

The code is pushed on Github. Some kind guy did a code review and came up with his own professional implementation which I merged in master.(The beautify of Opensource) therefore I dumped the original crappy code here. You are free to fork and play/improve it.

I am still a newbie but definitely, a great journey to learn something new, especially when we all are locked down.

Originally published at http://blog.adnansiddiqi.me on March 31, 2020.

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